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TECTEG MFR. is a leading THERMOELCTRIC POWER design and manufacturing company located in, Ontario, Canada. 25 YEARS of designing and consulting on thermoelectric technologies OFFERS US A UNIQUE AND QUALIFIED PRESPECTIVE ON THE THERMOELECTRIC INDUSTRY. We have our own product lines of complete Thermoelectric Generator appliances and TEG Power modules equipment which enables us to test and improve our Thermoelectric manufacturing techniques. Refine our own products and implement technological improvements into Thermoelectric products we design for our new and existing TEG commercial and industrial clients.
TECTEG MFR. has been working with McMaster University as well as other universites to expand and develop our IP for the past 10 years and is presently working with and several scientists with combined thermoelectric TEG experience of over 90 years to developed a proprietary TEG manufacturing technology to produce high amp Thermoelectric power generation (GENCELL ™) elements.

This constant desire to strive and improve the existing mature technology has put us on the forefront of thermoelectric power innovation. We spend heavily in research and development as a precursor to what we believe will be a leading CARBON REDUCING Green TECHNOLOGY in the coming years. Call us today or email us with your application. You will find us responsive, educating and informative. We offer the only new Ultra high thermoelectric power material in the world today. Our CMO Thermo electric Oxide based modules are design for temperatures up to 850°C and also as a cascade with Bi2Te3 based material on the cold side offer an impressive 6% efficiency.

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