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26 12, 2014

WOOD STOVE TEG Surfaces and Materials …………………. Fact and Fiction

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Thermal paste, thermal grease, heat sink compound, Graphite sheets– call it what you will, it’s really useful.  How?

Though the surface of your newly purchased TEG seems smooth, it’s not.  Same goes for that wood stove surface or housing that you’re attaching it to.  Zoom in about 100X and the steel looks more like rock.  In fact, looking at a microscopic […]

23 12, 2014

TEC signs Agreement with TKB Ind. to develop TEG SMART Battery Charging Controller

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After many years of profiling the characteristics of thermoelectric modules in series and parallel configurations we have signed a development agreement with TKB Industrial, which is an Electronic Products Development Company. TKB will be co-partnering with our in house engineering staff to develop a Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge SMART controller for a 12/24V battery system. The charge controller […]

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