About us

TECTEG MFR. is a Div. of Thermal Electronics Corp., established 1996. We are fully focused on the manufacturing and production of Seebeck power modules and  Peltier TEC module based devices in our power & cooling divisions. We also have extensive design experience manufacturing products. Our experience in the Thermoelectric technology spans 27 years.

TECTEG MFR. is presently partnering with multiple companies, scientists at McMaster University, College of Caledonia, and The Net Zero project which involves 15 Universities as well as several scientists outside the university setting with a combined thermoelectric experience of 100 years. We have developed a proprietary manufacturing technique used to produce high amp power generation (GENCELL ™) elements. Presently, we are using optimized Bismuth Telluride material to fabricate our (GENCELL ™), but with minor modifications we will have the ability to use any of the many new thermoelectric power materials CMO (Calcium Manganese Oxide) and PbSnTe (Lead,Tin, Telluride) being developed by hundreds of physicist around the world.

In the next 6 months we will be adding an  2 additional new materials PbTe combined with TAGS ( Tellurium Antimony, Germanium, and Silver) working best ZT range of 300°C to 450°C with 12% efficiency, and Tin, Selenium, with Lead, Telluride, Selenium temperature range of 400°C to 650°C with 12% efficiency , bringing the total to 6 different TEG module combinations. As a customer or researcher we advise visiting our site for constant updates. our partnerships and marketing exposure has propelled TECTEG Mfr. as a authority on new materials and we constantly partner with developers to showcase new materials and cutting edge TEG module design and materials.

Future :

Once we have finalized our process we will work with both Zn4Sb3 and Mg2Si and Mn2Si, and possibly Skutterudites. All 4 of these alloys work in the 200°C to 550°C range as well as our present material above. With these materials we hope to develop segmented elements and cascade cells which will increase efficiency to approximately 12-15%. Since our process will be a fully automated pick and place, we expect to be the lowest cost producer worldwide.

Why Thermoelectric Power Generator? :

A big component of so called Carbon Reducing Green Technology is how quickly the technology will begin to produce a net power benefit above the power it took to produce the generator . Basically, all green technologies either consume power or create a Carbon Footprint while being manufactured into a final product. The graph below shows several standard Green Technologies and the time it takes the power they produce to equal the power it took to actually manufacture them. If all Green Technologies were evaluated in this manner, Thermoelectric Generation would be the least carbon intensive of all green technologies!

It was obvious to us that Thermoelectric Power Generation (TEG) technology is by far the most competitive power neutral technology of all Green Technologies available. One might say that you need to burn fossil fuel to capture power and that adds to the ongoing power requirements?

The truth is that in 99% of the applications, fuel is already being consumed for other purposes such as providing heat, or work. Thermoelectric technology extends the life of that fuel and makes the consumption more energy efficient! Each of these processes have waste heat as a byproduct. We are just consuming the heat before it is lost to the atmosphere. TECTEG MFR. is working with McMaster University to validate our new technology. Commercialization is expected in the next two years. If we are successful Thermoelectric Seebeck Effect Power Generation technology could be widely implemented in everything from Furnaces, Cars, Trucks and Heavy Industry to name a few. We have set-up Thermoelectric Power Distributors in Pakistan, India, and Africa.

We are working with Jason Stewart “The Firemaster” and his clean burning wood stove invention in New Zealand. We are also working with Derald Cook owner of intensofuergo in Chile who also is working with our group to develop a turn key clean burning wood stove with thermoelectric power, RABBIT EARS Thermoelectric wood stove Generator 100W (expandable to 200W).

hot water and distributed heating. CHP for short. Intensifire with Borosilicate Glass Tube.

https://tecteg.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/RABBITEARS-80WATT-TEG-GENERATOR.jpg IPOWERTOWER II Thermoelectric 100 Watt thermoelectric wood stove generator