The new standard in Thermoelectric Cell phone charging, Tablet charging with dual battery charging using a single 3oz can of fuel. Fuel select can vary from Sterno Gel to alcohol based fuels. Diesel, Kerosene, Dung, wood chips can also be used to fuel the a patent pending fully passive Thermoelectric Generator design, culminating from 25 years of thermoelectric experience. Absolutely no moving parts!
Exceptional power output with the ability to supercharge you cell phone, while also charging any size battery up to 12V.
The TEG Generator System comes with a controller with dual output. A 5V USB charging port is coupled with a screw terminal that can be wired simultaneously to charge any battery from 1.2 up to 12v and also run LED lighting in Emergency situations when the electrical grid is down. A video will be released on our site in the coming weeks that will demonstrating the ability of this emergency thermoelectric power back-up TEG charging system. The is portable and easy to use. Has a patented “Power Booster System”™ uniquely designed to power boost the output during operation. Can charge a 12V battery or change charge any battery from 1.2, 1.5, 6V, 9V, 12V.
With today’s larger screen smartphones and rapid charging power requirements the is uniquely designed to charge these device rapidly at the same rate a wall charger can provide, unlike many other so called TEG Charging designs that are slow and provide very little charging current.
The TEG Generator will also be available in 4 unique colors. Silver on Black, Blue on Black, Black on Black and Green on Black.



  • No moving parts!
  • Dual output 5V USB and a terminal for charging any battery up to 12V or LED lights!
  • Ability to charge a Tablet!
  • Available in 4 color!
  • Portable!
  • Ability to Charge indoors using the proper fuel! Alcohol Based fuels ONLY!
  • Easy to fill and equally easy to empty?
  • Attractive look!
  • Extremely safe to use!
  • Easy to set-up and operate!
  • Security features!
  • Operates using multiple fuels!
  • Power Booster system!


  • Rated 10 watts nominal
  • ½ gallon water cold side chamber
  • 80mm clearance for up to 5oz can.
  • Easy empty feature
  • 6 lbs gross weight

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