TEG2-126LDT for Body & Sensor Power Thermoelectric Harvesting Applications!

The TEG2-126LDT is a Low Delta Temperature designed module. Ideally designed for body and micro harvesting applications. Micro Scavenging heat to power “internet of things” is difficult at best. All of these scavenging devices require autonomous power to be effective and long lasting without scheduled service appointments to replace batteries.

Most require maybe 1V at 20ma or more, some less? The main consideration is How to design a TEG module to provide the most possible power given so little the available DT provided in the application.

The TEG2-126LDT thermoelectric power module is a cost effective design thatprovides effective energy harvesting from minimal heat differentials. (Even high heat with low DT’s has the exact same principles).
TEG2-126LDT comparasion IMG_0515
Specially designed TEG2-126LDT.

  • 40 x 40mm x 5.45mm thick
  • No perimeter seal to protect against thermal bridging!
  • High temperature construction up to 180°C (356°F) hot and cold side!
  • Graphite pads on hot and cold side!
  • Teflon leads for high temperature protection!
  • Ceramic wafers that are 10 thousands thinner for reduced thermal resistance!

TEG2-126LDT, 40mmx40mmx 5.45mm overall thickness here are some plotted outputs!
Th=40, Tc=30C, Voltage at match load 0.2V, Amps at match load: 0.045A, Match load 4.5Ω
Th=60, Tc=30C, Voltage at match load 0.6V, Amps at match load: 0.11A, Match load 5.2Ω
Th=80, Tc=30C, Voltage at match load 1.1V, Amps at match load: 0.18A, Match load 6Ω