PbSnTe based thermoelectric power modules are manufactured and contained in a hermetically sealed stainless steel casing to reduce oxidation to near zero.This is critical for long extended life applications up to 15 years. The modules are a Lead Telluride based thermoelectric module that can work at temperatures of 600°C (1110˚F) continuous heat source. The thermoelectric power module generates DC power as long as there is a temperature difference across the module but are optimized when the hot side is above 350˚C (662˚F) and below 600˚C . As DT (Delta Temperature) from hot side to cold side (heat removal side) increases, so does power generated. Peak efficiency for this material is delivered when the hot side junction temperature is at 500°C (932˚F) to 600°C (1110˚F) using liquid cooling on the cold removal side to maximize power output and heat flow.

Part # TEG1-PB-12690 HOT SIDE


Hermetically sealed in metal case Part# TEG1-PB-12690

Optimized for hot side temperatures in the 400°C to 575°C range!

  • PbSnTe based modules available for commercial sale in stainless steel hermetically sealed case.
  • Maximum cold side temperature is 210°C
  • Maximum efficiency of 6%
  • Leads are constructed of Teflon wire with glass/silicone sleeves for thermal protection
  • No lower cold side limit
  • Laser sealed for extremely long service life
  • Vacuum encapsulated to reduce oxidation to zero
  • 126 couple device