About us

TECTEG MFR. is a specialty Thermoelectric  manufacturer located in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. Our cooling division,Thermal Electronics Corp., has been in operation for 15 years and focuses on manufacturing Peltier module based devices. We manufactured our first cooling based unit for 7- Eleven convenience stores in Alaska, USA back in 1993 8 years before we started TEC. Our experience in the Thermoelectric space began 25 years ago.

TECTEG MFR. is presently partnering with scientists at McMaster University, College of Caledonia, and The Net Zero project which involves 15 Universities as well as several scientists outside the university setting with a combined thermoelectric experience of 80 years. We have developed a proprietary manufacturing technique used to produce high amp power generation (GENCELL ™) elements. Presently, we are using optimized Bismuth Telluride materiel to fabricate our (GENCELL ™), but with minor modifications we will have the ability to use any of the many new material  CMO (Calcium Manganese Oxide) and PbSnTe (Lead,Tin, Telluride) being developed by hundreds of physicist around the world.