On November 15th, 2020 Thermal Electric Corp. will launch the long awaited 100watt 12V-24VDC IPOWERTOWER II AKA Rabbit Ears wood stove generator. The unit fits on the flue of a 6” diameter woodstove. Has two Heat absorbers that not only couple to the flue pipe but also have island finned heat sinks that penetrate the pipe to make contact directly with flue gases for maximum heat absorption which significantly improves heat transfer and therefore power production. The CHP system (Combined heat and power unit is ideal as it make easy the ability to convert any wood stove with a 6” pipe to a TEG generator. The unit comes with a 12VDC mag drive high efficiency pump, which can circulate hot water throughout the house creating a distributed heating system and a DC to DC Charge controller with Program logic control rated at 100 Watts. It also comes with a ceramic mate for defecting heat from the cold side of the TEG, and three silicone sleeves, and 8ft high temperature wire.

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