TEG2-07025HT-SS : ***Designed specifically for liquid to liquid application :
Cold and hot side slit greater thermal cycling:

Qty Ceramics only Graphite both Sides
1-5 $33/pc $36/pc
6-10 $32/pc $34/pc
11-25 $31/pc $32/pc
26-50 $30/pc $31/pc
26-50 $30/pc $31/pc
51-99 $26/pc (email) $28/pc (email)
100 $23/pc (email) $25/pc (email)
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*******Please contact for larger quantities above 50 pieces
Terms: Wire Transfer in advance of order on large orders.
3 to 4 weeks on large orders over 50 pieces.
Lead time can be shorter if fully stocked for orders over 50 pcs we will advise with order confirmation!
Prices in USD
FOB, Aurora, Ontario, Canada
Allow 3-5 days to ship.
We are a manufacture NOT a retailer. All purchases over 50 pcs must be ordered over the phone or thru email correspondence. We also stress technical advice from our engineers! It’s free so, why not use us as a resource for application support. We do not need to know exact application only general application specifications If you are concerned about disclosing your project, we can sign a non-disclosure.

Such as:
Hot side source and temperature?
Cold side source and temperature?
Watts or BTU’s available?
Fuel source?