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All modules come with cold side slit ceramic for greater endurance against effects of Thermal Cycling.
Hot side standardgraphite cover.
Graphite cold side(optional).
Aluminum Flame sprayed hot side Junctions for superior High Temperature applications up to 320°C**360°C** For Hybrid

mm to inches
30 mm = 1.18″
35 mm = 1.38″
40 mm = 1.57″
56 mm = 2.2″

Heat Flow Across the module Watts (W)           ~365                                  ~325                                    ~310

Data Based on:
Hot Side 300°C
Cold side 30°C
TEG1-12611-6.0TEG1-12611-8.0Hybrid BiTe-PbTe


Size56 x 56 mm56 x 56 mm56 x56 mm
Hot Side Temperature(°C)300300350
Cold Side Temperature(°C)303030
Open Circuit Voltage (V)
Match Load Resistance(Ohms)
Match Load Output Voltage (V)
Match Load Output Current (A)
Match Load Output Watts (W)14.61321.7
Heat Flow density(wcm2)~11.6~10.4~9.88
Heat Flow Across the module Watts (W)~365~325~310
AC Resistance (Ohms)
Measured under 27°C
~.5-.7~.7 -.10.42~.52
All Specifications
Mechanical & Outputs
At Three T°C
Data points
Delta Temperatures
with Corresponding
Output’s Graph
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Normal operating hot side temperature is recommended at 300°C or below.
Always have an active cold side when applying heat to hot side.
At Hot Side Junction
Results above based on Ideal Lab conditions with material testing. Results will vary depending on final design.

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