THERMAL ELECTRONICS CORP. is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our fast growing lineup of innovative products and accessories which started with the introduction of our acclaimed iPowerTower series of portable power generation products. Utilizing the most up to date engineering concepts for taking waste heat from any source and turning it into on-demand power, we are world leaders in extracting the greatest available energy from thermoelectric (TEG) modules.

The 100 Watt TEG Dc to Dc controller PCB with PLC wireless functionality is the swiss army knife of TEG electronic interface products, packing a powerful number of features into a compact format. Using state of the art Sepic buck-boost DC to DC switching converters for power conditioning offering a MVPT algorithm for 5V, 12V or 24V operation, selectable from a front panel switch setting. You can choose either a fixed 5V,12V or 24V DC output to run loads, or with another switch operate as a battery charger with constant voltage, constant current profiles for the most common battery chemistries.

Unique to our PCB is a wide array of input and output connections including analog and digital inputs to interface with other digital control systems including PLC controllers and relays. Output connections are available for PWM control of external fans. Also as a standard feature, there is a connector to allow the software to monitor the coolant level and temperature of the heat exchange or reservoir. In the event of a low coolant level, a front panel LED and Piezo alarm to indicate status to the user. Optional GSM cellular modem to allow the system to send a text message to your phone.

About the System:

  • Designed to accept a single or dual TEG array. Alternatively this charger can be used with an appropriately matched and sized solar panel.
  • Use it as a fixed 12V or 24V supply, or a full featured 12V /24V battery charging controller with automatic microcontroller based control for Constant Current/ Constant Voltage charging with float battery voltage charge termination.
  • Built in support for widely available, low cost GSM wireless communication modems, allowing SMS text message capability. Receive a text message on your cell phone for low liquid level for example or send a text to the system to receive operational status.
  • Liquid level and temperature sensors for reliable operation, with status LED error indication or receive a text message for low water level orincreased temperature.
  • External DC cooling fan support, PWM driven and powered from the TEG input voltage will keep the tower liquid level temperature at the optimum point with higher ambient temperature conditions prevailing.
  • External analog and digital isolated inputs and transistor outputs for interfacing with off-board systems or control systems.
  • Expandable for additional functions or custom requirements with the additional of an expansion circuit board, where quantities are favorable to the addition of a custom designed hardware and firmware solution.
  • Front panel switch selects operation modes for main operating conditions to quickly select various options. For more detailed setup and configuration a Windows compatible setup program will allow the user to set and change the parameters or view the system status. Can be used for remote data logging and collection if GSM modem is not used.