“We have some great news. Our ESA field evaluation application submitted on December 13 has resulting in a successful field inspection, it was completed yesterday. Check out our ESAFE stickers for TEG POWER GEN III. We will require a field inspection at the test kitchen and restaurants but our ESAFE inspector does not have any concerns.

We are still working towards a solution with TSSA but expect a positive result very soon. Our goal is to install by the end of the month.”

The P.O.W.E.R (PIZZA OVEN WASTE ENERGY RECOVERY) PROJECT HAS BEEN ONGOING SINCE 2010. The system is projected to provide up to 250 watts and 12Kw of recoverable thermal energy from a double Stack pizza oven. The modular TEG POWER GEN III is also designed to be versatile enough to be scaled to any commercial gas oven, natural or propane driven engine. The market for this technology is estimated in the hundreds of millions.