Has in the last year partnered and started 2 new companies with partners.

Dagagee, Inc.– IoT sensor company that manufactures IoT sensor for industrial applications for monitoring Industrial bearings on motors to drive trains. They can also monitor very high temperature systems like motors on glass lines wheel bearings. Recent installations include ferrous and non-ferrous filings in gear motors for early alerts of wear. These early detection sensors reduce scheduled maintenance, thereby reducing service staff responsibilities and duty loads to a more manageable schedule. Increasing productivity as it limits down time and equipment failure. Free up work load to concentrate on critical aspects of maintenance.
For more info visit: www.dapagee.com

GEMA Sciences, Inc.– Science based research in the fields of “hydrogen on demand” and De-sublimation of carbon.

Hydrogen on demand uses an elemental nano material to rapidly and continuously produce pure hydrogen that can be feed into a fuel cell for electricity on demand. We are presently working with the Department of National Defence on a foot soldier power system for rapid and continues charging of batteries in deployment.

Our carbon de-sublimation technology is the cheapest and simplest technology available today. We take CO2 and separate into both carbon and oxygen. The carbon is collected and the oxygen form with hydrogen to H2O.

For more info visit: www.gemasciences.com