What’s News

January 2004

Thermal Electronics Corp. signs agreement with Frank Smith of T.E. Systems to develop advance TEG Design.

January 2007

TEC launches new website specifically for TEG modules and system dedicated to Green Power Generation using custom TEG modules and Advanced Thermal Management Designs. Simultaneously, TEC launches a new division (TECTEG MFG.) which will be dedicated to Thermoelectric Power Generation products and technology advancement.

January 2007

First prototype TEG design is tested showing a 6% conversion efficiency.

February 2010

Thermal Electronics Corp. enter in discussions with McMaster University Mechanical Engineering Department to develop next generation SEEBECK EFFECT TEG’s.

April 2010

Thermal Electronics Signs agreement with McMaster University to sign engage grant project to develop SEEBECK EFFECT (GENCELL ™)

May 25,2010

TEC. and Cegep de l’Outaouais sign letter of support to design and (Test TEG Systems)

July 2010

TEC Signs Mitacs agreement to help support Ph.D. fellow for one year with NSERC and McMaster.

August 2010

TEC and McMaster University sign Collaboration Agreement to Develop the Next Generation of SEEBECK EFFECT Modules.

August 2010

Cegep de L’Outaouais tests 1st TEG design with suggestions on improving performance (Liquid to liquid Report French Version)

August 2011

Cegep de L’Outaouais tests 1st TEG design(Liquid to Liquid English TEG Report Short)

August 2010

TEG lab facility with support from NSERC to test novel TEG design’s nears completion(Lab News Release)

January 2011

TEG lab at McMaster officially finished. TEG plate designs are now being tested and profiled for performance.

February 2011

TECTEG signs contract with Horus Technology to develop novel Battery Charging Power Electronic Board specific to Thermoelectric Power Technology for charge batteries.

February 2011

TECTEG signs second contract with Horus Technology to develop a Boost/Buck power board for load specific applications. Specifically designed for thermoelectric power generation! Able to run 12 & 24 VDC devices.
Optional: Bust Bar for DVD, laptop charging requirements.

February 2011

Novel water sink being developed over a one year research contract is tested and found to be 46% more efficient than 1st generation designs.

March 2011

TECTEG Files patent for new water sink design to exploit the SEEBECK EFFECT.